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The Advertising Practice Code

The Advertising Practice Code defines and explains the many implications of acceptable or non-acceptable advertising in its various forms. The code aims at protecting the consumers and ensuring professionalism among advertisers. The Code of Advertising Practice has two broad aims:
  • To protect the consumer and
  • To ensure professionalism among advertisers
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Highlights (rotating summaries)
  1. Professor Mervin King leaves the ASA (please use the Pic of Mervin King attached)

    After almost two decades with the ASA, I feel disconsolate to say goodbye to an organization that has given me an opportunity to serve the interest of the consumers. However, I am also content that the organization I leave behind is a well-oiled machine.
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  2. The ASA in the front line for more than 40 years (please use graphic 141105596)

    The Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) is an independent body, set up and paid for by the marketing communications industry. It aims to ensure that its efficient system of self-regulation results in the best possible protection both of the consumer and of the industry.
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  3. A repeat offender: Slimbetti
    A complaint on the print advertisement featuring a "before and after” promotion of Slimbetti’s "Active Xtreme” weight loss product and the claim on their website on the use and combination of two main ingredients: "Irvingia gabonensis” and green tea in their sliming products was brought to ASA by Prof. RM Jobson.
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  4. Protecting your Standards

    The South African Constitution protects the rights of us all. We all have a right to dignity and respect. If advertising breaks the Code of the ASA, any member of the public has a right to complain. If the complaint is upheld the ad will be modified or withdrawn completely. The right to protest and the right to redress are fundamental democratic rights. The ASA is one of the ways to effectively exercise those rights.
    So, if you see, or hear…………

ad library

The online library of the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa gives you access to a searchable database of ASA rulings.

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