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Section IVMarketing

Advertising for specific marketing practices

1. Direct sale

Direct sale advertising is that placed by the advertiser with the intention that the products or services advertised shall be sold or provided at the home of any person responding to the advertisement.
Direct sale advertisements are not acceptable without adequate assurances from the advertiser or his advertising practitioner that the products advertised will be supplied at the price stated in the advertisement within a reasonable time from stocks sufficient to meet potential demand and that sale representatives when calling upon persons responding to the advertisement will demonstrate and make available for sale products advertised.

2. Unsolicited home visits

Where it is the intention of an advertiser to send a representative to call on respondents to his advertisement such fact must be apparent from the advertisement or from any particulars subsequently supplied and the respondent must be given an adequate opportunity of refusing any such call.

3. Inertia selling or negative option advertising

Advertisements will not be accepted from those who supply goods without express authority from the receiver of the communication.

4. Non-availability of advertised products

Advertisements should not be submitted for publication unless the advertiser has reasonable grounds for believing that it can supply any demand likely to be created by the advertising.
4.2 In particular, no attempt should be made to use the advertising of unavailable or non-existent products as a means of assessing likely public demand.

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